Friday, July 1, 2016

4th of July Weekend

The weekend has barely only just begun and I have to line up the social engagements!

Meeting the architect and contractor at noon today.

Dinner party at Ichiban on Saturday.

Picnic on Sunday and my amazing BBQ ribs at my house on Monday.

And all through that, I am dieting!  When we were at Diane's I had a single forkful taste of her amazing fig cake.  I hope I can make it through this long weekend!

And I have a quilt due to a customer next week!  I really need to finish it for her.

Not sure my binding person is working out.  I may need to rethink that avenue.   I am not sure she wants to do any work.  I was thinking she could earn some money she doesn't have doing something fairly easy.  Sigh......I guess a leopard will never change his spots.

My Roomba is getting quite a workout.  This is full shedding season for Bad Bassets.  Couple that with the bath they all received on Sunday last, and you have a  DSE.  Double Shed Event!

And the maringouin!  With all the rain, those pesky West Nile/Zika carriers are in full force.  So being outside you need to be covered with DEET.  I  can't even sit on the back patio without getting buzzed and bitten.

BTW, that is pronounced Mara-gwin.

Question is......will there be time for quilting in there?


  1. Looks like I need to schedule a trip to BR to pick up your binding. I think we can strike a deal like I have with DD#1. I bind 3 and you quilt 1. I love to sit and hand bind.

  2. As long as you stay off the carbs you can eat a whole rack of ribs with no guilt. Coleslaw and ribs - yeah!


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