Friday, July 15, 2016

N is for.......... AND O is for...........

 Catching up!     Fat Mum Slim - Photo a Day for the last two days!

N is for Naughty!  My dear friends Chuck and Patsy, with whom we traveled for many many years.  She is gone now, cancer.  And I miss her almost as much as he does.

O is for.........Orangutan

This handsome guy is at the Audubon Zoological Gardens in New Orleans.  It was last year about this time, on our anniversary trip ......  a weekend 60 miles down the road! 

How can he balance like that on that pole like that?


  1. 'Naughty Orangutan' what a great picture that puts in my mind.

  2. ha! ha! Charlene! that last photo is great - "the thinker"


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