Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday's Triumphs

However small, they are triumphs nonetheless.  Glen came by the camper today and figured out why we can't get the tiiny hot water heater to work.  A bad valve on one of the propane tanks.  Frank is currently taking a shower.  I have not yet gotten my mind to decide to bathe here.  Maybe after a while.  My "new" house will have a shower I can walk the dogs into where the jacuzzi tub used to live.

we got 3/4 of the dog yard fencing done.  I just called the vet and schedule an exit strategy for the bassets.  I may be the blubbering fool in the waiting room tomorrow. 

The de humidifer guy came and removed all the big machines this morning.  He was getting readings of 1, which is excellently dry.

here is what my house currently looks like.

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  1. I like the idea of the shower with your knees and Frank's aliments. Don't worry the boys and Chloe will be blubbering too. I understand your position on the shower in the camper. I have trouble showering in the RV too. Keep your chin up! Think of all the things you have accomplished since you last saw me. You, Frank, and Carrie are amazing!


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