Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Such A Disappointing Day

All the way down to Americas Got Talent.  That little girl has only one song.....they all sound exactly the same. How could she beat out the Clairvoyants or Jason Crumb, who can a actually sing, by the way.  That little girl cannot sing at all.

Remember the insurance check?  Frank took it to the bank, along with the stamped, notarized document that we received when we Clerk of Court registered the mortgage dissolution when we paid it off and statement from both the bank itself and FEMA saying there is no mortgage.  But the manager looked up our info and didn't find a mortgage, so she "couldn't sign anything or deposit it to our accounts".

DUH!!!!!!  The fact that you didn't find a mortgage means no mortgage!  The original mortgage was with Bank One, which was purchased by Louisiana National Bank, which was purchased by City National and is now is no wonder there is no record.

I can't imagine what they expect us to do next.   But whatever is is, it should be interesting.  If I could be sure we would get a male bank person next, I would wear a top showing a lot of cleavage.

I am not beyond that, you know.

The fireplace.  O......M........G........what an ordeal.  After I sent a truck to pick up the fireplce and piping, the construction crew all of a sudden decided they didn't want to install.  So I called to add installation and was informed it would be 5 weeks before it could be scheduled.  And we have to tear out what drywall is left in the laundry room so the firebox can be put in from the rear. And the shelving we didn't think we needed to take out.

And I can't put the washer and dryer in there until that is all done..........and the friend who is washing our laundry now is leaving in a week for a two week vacation.

Now I will have to sit for two have hours at Carrie's when I need a load done.  And wait for Frank to be home with the truck since I have no vehicle.

It gets better.  Frank came home early yesterday so I did get a chance to go to the Honda dealership.  They did not have a Pilot on the lot.  The 15 year old twerp who was next up on the sales line was a jerk.  I wanted to see the CRV and the Pilot side by side.  Once he realized I may buy the more expensive Pilot, he would not even get the keys to a CRV to even let me see it.  He kept trying to double talk and talk around me.  I left, walked out.  I guess I need to just go out to Gonzales one day and talk to my friend Mike again. 

So I contacted 6 dealerships within three hours drive and found they have a total of about 10 Pilots in the Southern Louisiana area, none of which has a navigation system.  The ONE think I definitely want in my next vehicle is the navi system. 

When I told you I take a step forward, and I get knocked back was no lie!


  1. It sucks to be a woman who knows what she wants in the car dealership even when you aren't dealing with all the other crap. A good dealership will ship in what you want if you can wait for it, and some don't even charge you for the shipping. If you decide you love the Pilot, find one with nav online and ask your friend what it would take. We were living in CO and the truck we wanted was in TX. Our dealer flew a driver down and he drove it back on their dime and their insurance. We got a "new" truck with 800 miles on it, but all of the options we wanted.

  2. You are doing better than me. If I would you in the mood I am right now somebody would get hurt. First I would punch someone from State Farm that put the mortgage bank name on the check, then I would punch out that kid at the dealership, and next I would line up the construction crew and let them have it. What crap. You are dealing with enough stuff, why does everyone have to make it so hard for you? If you don't feel like punching people then get on the phone and call the headquarters for State Farm and the headquarters for whomever makes Pilots and the head of the dealership. As far as the construction guys, I would ask them how would they feel if a family member of theirs was being treated like this?

  3. Having once been flooded I feel so so sorry for you. Why is everything SO difficult?! The constant battling and fighting is so exhausting physically and emotionally.
    Do you have separate satnavs in the USA? I recently ordered a new car and decided NOT to have an in built satnav. They are very expensive if they come with the car(an extra 1000 euros) A new independent one costs 100 - 300 euros and so you can afford a new one or update the info at least three times and by then you may have changed your car.

  4. Pick yourself a Magellean nav system...lots cheaper than adding over $1000 to the price of a car...and you can stay in your house to set up travel destinations vs sitting in the car and having to do that. Lots easier and cheaper! Honest...

    1. I'm with you all the way on that idea. Helen in France

  5. For love of goodness! How do you handle it all? I'm with Patty on this one...well not the punching--it's mean and you could go to jail--but the part about calling a manager or headquarters. Someone, somewhere, cares about you and everyone else who has been flooded. Someone will listen and that person will make things happen! If you do call a manager, tell him that you are a flood victim. Give him a reason to help you. You're only telling the truth and you deserve special treatment because you are in a special situation.
    Try not to give up. Things get better and then there are setbacks. As we say in French, "prendre le coeur" (take courage). But they will get better again. I promise.


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