Tuesday, October 18, 2016

I cried again.....this time for gas

Yesterday was one of the most frustrating and stress filled day in the Recovery Phase of this Flood Event.  AI have to admit, I cried again.  Several times.

We chose to have the hot water heater replaced, simply because it was as old as the house and they usually have a life of 20-25 years.  So being proactive, as we are, we decided while the house was in disarray we would just hire a plumber and replace the old one.

Aside from this fact was the discussion I had with Frank that I wanted to put in one of those new On Demand Heater Systems.  I researched it and told him that is what we needed to do.  A bit more expensive now, but a lot of savings in the long run.  So he calls a plumber and has a regular hot water heater put in.  I was not really all that happy.  Not at all.

Then we had the leak, which turned out to be on the Entergy side of the meter, not the side we were responsible for.  And still.....they turned off my gas because they didn't have a permit for the hot water heater install. We did, but that was beside the point for them.

The inspector came out on Friday afternoon to inspect the hot water heater install, which I am now resigned to having the old style one and not the new system I wanted to put in.  And Frank swears he is not controlling........but I digress.

Inspector guy says to give him an hour and call to have the gas turned back on.  I called Monday morning.  The Entergy lady told me there was no permit and no inspection and she couldn't do anything without that.  She gave me the first number for the City Permit Office.

The call went like this:

Dial.  This is the Permit and Inspections office for East Baton Rouge Parish.  Our hours are 7 am to 4 pm.  We do not accept faxed orders.  This mail box is fill.  Goodbye.

I called Entergy back, they gave me a second number that defaulted to the same message and hang up.

I called Entergy again, sounded shaky but not teary just yet.  Another number and same message, hang up.

I called Entergy again, this time the lady had no patience with me.  She said it was not Entergy's requirement that we have a permit and inspection.  I said, well then, turn my gas on.  But that is not what she really meant.  Another number and the hang up.  That is 4 if you are counting.

I called my Councilman Buddy Amoroso.  Deanna said she would look into getting someone at the inspector's office.

Energy guy with new meter
I called the plumber's wife.  Lori said she had a friend in the permit office.   Lori asked me to call Entergy, tell them the leak was on THEIR side of the meter and we are not required to get permit or inspection for that.  Entergy did not care.

It was now 11:30 am.  Frank had been coming in and out from his garage office.  At one point he actually said, all you need to do is to get the gas turned on, why are you not calling Entergy to schedule it?

At 11:45 am he suggested that we take separate cars to lunch because he thought I might be happier alone.  Oh, yes, that made things so much better.

From time to time during the afternoon I would call the 4 numbers hoping that they would be getting their box cleared out at some point in the day.  No dice.  Hang up.  I even added another number at some point.

At 2 pm we went to the final meeting for the cabinets.  Jay the contractor called wanting a status update on the gas.  No gas, was the status.

I was at loss.  I couldn't get anything done if I couldn't get a person on the phone at the inspector's office.

At 6:45 am this morning I started calling the numbers for the city parish.  At 7:10 I actually got a lady on the phone who says they do not fax anything anywhere.  OMG........I started crying.

She hurriedly passed me to her supervisor.  He told me he was going to help me.  And he did.  two hours later an Entergy scheduler called to say the guy would come to unlock the meter today.  He just left.

I HAVE GAS!  No kitchen to cook with, no shower to bathe in but, gosh darn, I have gas!

And it only took 5 dead end numbers for the City Parish, Entergy, the plumber, my contractor and a City Councilman.  And two crying fits. That's all.


  1. In the end you persevered and got it done. Good for you!

  2. oh gosh that sucks the big one. Thank goodness that's over. Hugs!

  3. Beuracratic bullshit at its finest - unbelievable! I looked into the on demand a couple years ago and the payback time was a long time although I did like the idea of having an endless amount if hot water at my beckoned call. Does the city have a Facebook page? Like them and then you can describe your poor treatment and the lack of co operation. does the local paper or news have a place you can write to? Someone has to stand up and shout foul!

  4. You are handling this very well. After telephone number 4, I would have hopped in my car and probably would have been arrested for telling whomever I found in the the office what I thought of the way the inspector's office is being run, in spite of the fact that they are probably overworked and under loved.

  5. You just can't make stuff like this up....my teeth were clinched in frustration just reading this, grrrr. I hereby give you a big, invisible stick with which to bash full mailboxes, unhelpful people and rude energy unhelpful "customer representatives". I find it useful to swing right and follow up swinging left for the double smack. This virtual behavior correction technique can be therapeutic and I believe it helps some of the time ;). Mostly I use my invisible stick on drivers doing dangerous, stupid things, you know,like texting while driving. But like Julie says, good job you for persevering and getting it done!!!

  6. That is ridiculous! I would be writing letters or calling Entergy's headquarters! That is no way to treat people! And the inspector's office - well, I would go higher up than the councilman! You pay taxes and that is no way to treat the a person who pays the inspector's salaries! I am glad you finally have gas and hopefully you never have to deal with those people ever again!

  7. Oh, my word. How are you still sane? I haven't checked in for a while, so I had to go back through the whole saga, and I felt sick! I'm sending a few virtual hugs your way and praying for at least one good day in here.

  8. Oh heavens, just how patient are you? I know I'd have driven over to the office and taken care of things in person. As for Frank, well, he would not be so pragmatic again for a while. :) I don't even know how much more of this craziness you can take, but I know I'd have broken way long ago. Crying? That's what you start with, girl! At least that's my way...cry first, fuss a bit, cry more, then just throw my hands up and cry. Hope things get much better very soon!


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