Tuesday, October 11, 2016


All of this flood stuff and having to rebuild my home has overshadowed a very important thing for me.

I have two barns that are traveling in some major quilt shows.  Last weekend they were in Chattanooga and before that in the Des Moines show.  I was going to go to one of them and see my two barns nestled among the others in the Build a Barn exhibit with Julie Sefton. ( you can see the link for the book on the side of my blog.)

The flood has overshadowed a lot of things.  I don't have even have access to my photos since my server was under water.  Right now I have nowhere to put a new one, so it waits.

Charlie who owned the forklift that moved Frank's accord out of the driveway, said of his living conditions...you know, I

 am real tired of living in the RV.

Hey, Charlie, I totally get it.


  1. This is one of the bad days, hope it gets better at least funny soon.

  2. Any chance of getting away for a weekend in a hotel at the beach or New Orleans? You need a break.

  3. I watched the news last night - rare for me, because I am sick of hearing about the elections - but I wanted to see what was going on with the hurricane. All I could think about when I saw all the flooding is that once the water recedes they will be where you were 8 weeks ago and in Haiti it is even worse. Makes me feel grateful.

    It is a shame you couldn't make either of those shows. You and Frank will have to at least go on some kind of vacation once the house is all put back together.

  4. I went back to see some of your earlier blogs. I'm amazed at your calmness. One step at a time. Going forward. Media doesn't keep up with the progress once the waters recede. You have made it clear. Opened my eyes to the struggle. Have you thought about doing a book using your blog as the foundation? With your sense of humor in the mist of struggles. Who knows ....it could be therapeutic and a hit.

  5. Well, continuing from Alice's comment...I know I'd buy your book! My offer for a day of R&R still stands. Regardless, hang in there. You're getting closer and closer to the day when you move back into the house. The peanut gallery is rootin' and tootin' just for you and Frank....can you hear us?


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