Monday, December 5, 2016

An Emotional Journey in the Freezing Temerpatures

In the days before the flood, it rained.  Not just rain, but it RAINED. In Louisiana, we know rains.  But this front sat over us and dropped over 45 inches of rain in the combined days when the rivers were rising.  The rivers rose because the intended drainage system was compromised when they realized they had never re-funded the Diversion Canal.  It is only 3/4 finished.  The Diversion Canal was supposed to carry the rain waters away from the Amite-Comite Rivers System and drain the Baton Rouge area.

Where did the money end up?  Work was stopped and the money diverted to New Orleans after Katrina.  To people who did not have flood insurance, jobs, money or even titles to the places they lived.  Even this would not have been a bad thing except for the fact that New Orleans is not any better than it was in the year before Katrina hit.

But don't worry, you paid for this too!

$142 Billion in Federal Recovery Funding;

$247.5 million in federal block grants for improvements of local school districts;
$130 million for rebuilding local criminal justice systems;
 $85 million in new HUD housing vouchers; and
$47 million in grants for medical services in underserved areas.

That is in addition to the $211 billion in charitable donations from individuals, groups, churches, celebrities and foreign countries.

For all this, they could have built a fantastical city and provided the residents meaningful jobs in hopes they would stop killing each other and a few tourists each month.  70% of the Louisiana Road Home Program Funds cannot be accounted for.  In addition, over $700 Million in federal funds were fraudulently accepted or used.

And I am fighting my flood insurance people for money to repair my insured home.

August 13, 2016

But I digress.....

This week, it has been raining.  For the last three days it has rained nearly non-stop.

December 5, 2016
I keep going out in the back of Dale's house to check on the area from which we watched the water rise into our houses in August.   So far it has been clear.  But my panic indicator is right there.  My chest hurts.  I am on the emotional edge that feels the rain like daggers.  Icy Cold Daggers.  Yes, it is cold here.

Frank and I spent Sunday finishing the shelves for the closet. Druing the day, I kept checking the back area.  After a hard rain late yesterday afternoon, I was joined by our neighbor Barb.  She is Dale's wife.  She had the same gut wrenching feelings and needed to see what things looked like back there.

We stood in the rain, holding each other.  We both lost so much, lifetimes.  We both are rebuilding, knowing this is the last time either of us could do this.  And we went out for margaritas.

They, too, are living in an RV in the driveway.  But their heater works, they have a refrigerator and they have sewer hook ups nearby so their RV bathroom works.

And this week, the temperature will drop below freezing.  We are in a camper with no heat.  I changed the delivery date for the bed to come today.  Rain or not.  It will come.  I cannot live in a camper with no heat  It will jeopardize not only us but our dogs. 

And my contractor camp find people to work.  He sure dropped the ball on that, didn't he?  I really like Jay.  He is not disreputable, like most people I talk to, he just can't get workers.  He is in over his head.

Really?  This morning I will work on getting someone to finish the cabinet install, tile the shower and change out the flood compromised windows.

And try not to think about my freezing feet and the incessant rain.

Oh, the incessant rain. 


  1. Oh, Glen . . . my heart goes out to you and your neighbors.

  2. seems no one wants to work any more ! my son-in law and my son has that problem

  3. Oh, my heart goes out to you! You've spent long enough in that camper--definitely time for a bed in a house, whether it's finished or not. I hope the rain and fear move off soon.

  4. Jay has probably hit the wall because there are government funds out there with deadlines attached so the subs go there first. They know they are the only ones available so prices and time are premium. So sorry.

  5. I honestly feel like my heart breaks when I read some of your posts...yes, you can make us laugh but other times I know your blog friends wish we could rebuild the house for you NOW!!! I don't know how you have kept up the strength you have but eventually you will have your home back and look back on your blog and have a laugh and a cry again...but you'll do so in your beautiful home, lying in your nice, warm bed!!

  6. It is like the inmates are in charge of the asylum when it comes to taking care of taxpayers money. I know I am preaching to the choir, but eventually the ones of us who work and pay our bills will no longer be able to support the other half of the population. They tried to put a masonry program in one of the high schools, but none of the students in the district signed up to learn a good solid trade so they changed the space to graphic arts. That way the kids can draw and play on computers. Pitiful! I sure hope it stops raining soon and that the bed shows up. You do have heat in the house now don't you? Are you feeling better? Take care!

  7. This is just to much for one woman to bear. I'm sure there are not enough workers to go around with all the houses being rebuilt. Of course if some of the lazy ads people sitting around on unemployment and welfare would stop getting money to sit on the couch, there might be some workers available.
    Can you some air mattresses? They are pretty cheap and even if the bed doesn't come at least you would be in the house.

  8. Apparently autocorrect doesn't like the ass word ;-)

  9. Have you guys tried heating the camper with an electric heater (on the counter for safety) and then turning it off when the dogs are inside? Get a outdoor extension cord if you need to get electricity into the house. Or sleep in the house if you have heat there. Or go to Carrie's or a hotel. Anything except to spend the night in the cold that coming for the next few days. How I wish I had an extra room...


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