Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Sleeping With The Contractor

Sorry about the typo errors but blogger won't let me go back and make any corrections,  I barely got the pics added in there.  I will,do it when I get to the big computer in the morning.  Meanwhile it will be a game to see if your mind can fill in the right words that make sense!  LOL. 

Jay sent me a text the other day and said, LOL in the text.  FRank wanted to know why he was sending me lots of love.  Were we both not married to other people? What?  I said, show me where he says that.  Sure enough Jay had said, that was funny, LOL about the guy sweeping rather than sleeping.  No LOVE involved.  I guarantee if I were sleeping with a contractor, my house would be finished!!!

And a funny.  Every morning I cover up the bed and quilts with some thick plastic to keep it clean from any possible work being done. You know, just in case work gets done.

I pile up the three new dog beds into a corner of the room.

We were looking at what Adam had done today.  I hear some grunting and scrabbling and walked into the room to fine this guy struggling to get up on top of the skyscraper of beds!  He was determined to make it, and he did.  I had to give him a "butt up" push, but he was sooo happy.  King of the mointain, he  as!  Those short alligator,legs,almost did him in.

Adam had a checklist I gave him for the last Sometimes,you just need two or three guys.  I tried to offer to help, citing my perfect 22.5 degree corners around the kitchen windows they had been preciously admiring.  And a couple of nice 45s.   They weren't buying it.  Most likely sexual discrimination.  You're a girl.  Or fear that I could know more than they would.  Could be the latter.

I have to hand it to Adam, though.  When Jay called him at 2 pm to pull him off my job, he said no, that he had pro,owed me he,was found to finish this one.

I needed the kitchen cabinets redone a THIRD time.  The ones on the ends would open fine until they but the Door trim on The trim restricted the door from opening and I couldn't get the pantry drawers open.

Then I started looking at all the places this would happen, it was 4 total.  Sh he pulled the cabinets once again and reset them.

We have decided that if we can't  get workers to come, we will just do what we can to get the trim pices put in ourselves.  And then start readying each room to paint.....and paint one room a t a time.  And we can build shelves.  Built the ones that were in there before!

I will start tomorrow applying the drying spackle and sanding it down even. Room by room until they get  in their heads to come back and work.  I can say they were surprised by the quarter round I had installed.  Let them fear for their paycheck.   Today I cleaned up the windows so I could put the painters tape on them.  And I have the tarps for the floor. I considered getting some v
Canvas so,I could cut it up later for artwork, but the plastic is more practical.
And the granite give is coming to do a final-definite-end-to-all-ends measurement for the countertops.  Then they can make them from the pieces I have already chosen.  And I need to give Ourso a call and see if they ordered my butcher block ,counter and the cypress beam.

Did I tell you that little white shit ate my notebook with all my numbers and dates and contacts and information.  Shredded it across the back yard. I nearly had a panic attack and died, recovered from that and then just barely stopped my maniac self from killing that dog.

I put it on my iPad on the chair inside and someone let him in.  It took him less than 5 seconds to locate my notebook, carry it out the door and go down on it.  And let me tell you, he hit every page I had written on from beginning to end.  Interestingly enough, the blank ones were just fine.

Last week he at the iPAd cover so I now have a new one of those.  Brown so it will look less appetizing to him.


  1. Glad you finally had someone stand on their ethics and do what they said they'd do. You should give him a prize...like a white dog or something!

  2. i think doggie wants his normal life back, too ! I can't wait to hear you say you are sleeping in the house....

  3. Glad to hear Adam stayed to get some work done. I am surprised with the amount of work you and Frank have had to do. I didn't know you were handy with a miter saw! I have one too and have installed the extension jambs and trim for the new windows I had put in the house when I first bought it. I had never trimmed out a window before. It has to be done in a certain order as I learned very quickly when I had done it wrong and had to take it apart and redo it. The best tool I bought for my home remodeling was a Fein Multimaster. I first saw them on an info commercial. I then did a bit of research and ended up buying one from a company on the east coast. There are lots of knock offs now on the market, but mine is a heavy duty German made tool. The cheaper ones don't last as I know people that have bought the knock offs, wore them out, and had to buy another one. My brother who does handyman work borrows mine when he runs into a situation that the multimaster is the only tool that will due.

    That is awful the dog tore up your notebook! Were you able to salvage any of the information?


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