Sunday, January 15, 2017

A Glutton For Punishment

I may be doing myself in here, but I met with the contractor who will be starting construction on the CAAWS Building this week.

 I know. I know.

Malcolm has been doing flood houses in Denham Springs and in Livingston Parish.  But he completed his last house this week and doesn't want to start more flood work.  So he asked me about starting the CAAWS building.

I met with him and Greg this morning and we agreed that he would start work on the remodel this coming week. Do you think I'm crazy having two contractors, two remodeling jobs and two unfinished buildings at one time????

 At least Greg will share in a lot of the decisions and it won't be emotional decisions I'll be making.

 Frank and Hunter worked all day on my house today again.  At the present they are making their third hardware store run of the day for plumbing supplies. They are working on the guest bath sink. Suzette your bathroom is almost ready!   Charlene, we're working on it!

They were able to connect the range hood in the kitchen to its electricity, so that is another appliance added to the list of kitchen help.

For my continuing Birthday Week Pleasure Frank brought me a mirror from the hardware store.  Tuesday is the culmination of my birthday week.  Me and Benjamin Franklin (who Frank and his dad were named after) share the January 17th birth date.  I have heard conflicting reports as to the type  of person he was, but I do know he was pretty smart. 

And you Will be happy to know…… That Frank had fresh baked biscuits this morning!

First meal out of the new oven, first meal at the new table and first coffee in his Christmas mug given to him by Paula and Glen.

Tomorrow I am meeting with a designer about furniture and its placement.  This is where she will attempt to talk me out of my Lazy Boy sofa and my Indian Spirit Guide painting.  We shall see.

And I am expecting the Twins and Jay tomorrow.  there is still a lot of work for them here.  The shower needs to be grouted for sure.  I am hoping my birthday will include a shower.


  1. All I need is a working bathroom or a least a working toilet! I have my own blow up bed.

  2. I think the remodel will give you something to smile about when things don't seem to be going so well at your house. But it sounds like you're so close to done that that small overlap should not be an issue.

  3. Oh so close, Glen! In fact, happy designing. You could let the designer design the house with the exception of the sewing room. If worse comes to worse, put your Indian Spirit Guide painting in the sewing room. Try not to worry about worry. As Swooze said it's a small overlap.

  4. A lot going on for a Sunday in the south. Hope the CAAWS building goes a lot better. Note that the contractor wasn't ready to take on more flood repairs - that says a whole lot about the difficulties the contractors are having without his enumerating them. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and it isn't a train.

  5. So much is finally getting done! Hurrah! Your kitchen is gorgeous! All the granite is spectacular! It looks like you will be moving back into the house soon! Yeah rah!


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