Monday, January 9, 2017

Dark Ages

Louisiana is in the dark ages.  I went to the Clerk of Courts to get my mother's death certificate and was told I could only do that downtown.  I hate going downtown.  Traffic and parking are nightmares.  And the Documents are in the area with the courts and you are elbow to elbow with killers, rapists and murderers.

Not really, they are more like people who don't pay child support and those who have suits filed against them.  But still........

If my mother had died prior to 2012 I would have to go to New Orleans to get the death certificate.  Makes no sense in these days of computers.  They should be able to pull up a computer file, print it out and affix an official seal.

Really, Louisiana?

Today we warmed up considerably.  It was 56 today. 
My fish pond is back to normal.  I wonder what would have happened to the fish?  Would they have died or hibernated?

Then I started thinking I couldn't have fish in there.  I don't want to kill them.  I already killed the Dino thin.g.

And the Twins came to work on the shower, leaving at 3 pm.  But this is how far they got to.  The net row is a 4 inch row of hexies all around the top!


  1. It looks great! Dealing with paperwork with the state is always a very awful thing. They really don't want to make it easy.

  2. I needed a copy of my Dad's death certificate and I had to go to downtown Canton to get it, but Canton is not nearly the size of Baton Rouge and it was at a place not in the courthouse. That shower is looking good! I like that you have a huge glass block window in the shower.

  3. "Elbow to elbow with killers, rapists and murderers." Oh my!
    It's still a little scary when you're in the place. I am guilty of using the cover to judge the book, I'm afraid, so I'm uncomfortable around strangers. (And especially odd-looking strangers.)

    Can't wait to see that shower! That window will let in so much light.


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