Saturday, January 21, 2017

Highly Visible Work

No construction guys but Hunter and Frank got a lot of highly visible work done today.

Fan over where the long arm will be.

Love it!  I didn't purposely choose it this way, but it looks similar to the can lights I had Jay install.  So when the whole set o 5 lights are one (or off for that matter)  it has a cohesive look to it.

Getting gas to the burners.

Hunter hooked up the gas for the stove!  I can cook now!  Boy that was exciting when I heard that Click Click Click of the electronic ignition........and saw the burner light!  I love my stove.  It is the old one.  I guess I should have gotten it all new, but it is something from the old house.

Light in the foyer.

I chose a huge heavy reclaimed glass.  It was beautiful but visually had no weight.  It was all beautiful old glass.   And it was HUGE!  So I found this smaller light.  And I  really like it so much better in there.  The metal of the fixture gives it a presence in the room.  The circular shape makes it very interesting! I  love it too!

And they put the fixtures in Frank's sink.

That means all my sinks are in now.  Frank will love that!

BUT..........i really shouldn't whine about this.......BUT........I still don't have a shower!  I still have to shower this weekend in the camper!  YUCK!

I requested a handle on the cabinet that holds the garbage can.  McGee can no longer get into my garbage!  Yes, I do love that!

This bank of drawers will have some interesting knobs.  I ordered them from India.  When I chose these to go into the kitchen, I immediately thought of Quilt Diva Julie Of Me and My Quilts and The Barn Quilt Book because she loves polka dots!  Julie, these are for you!

I have more for the drawer banks in both bathrooms.  

A few volunteers and I were packing up the office at CAAWS for the start of construction there.  This old table was in the corner.  Paula says it is a 1940-1950s bread table.  I loaded it into the truck thinking could build it out as a cutting table.

But when I got home, frank shocked me by wanting to use it as a computer desk in his office.  He loves it.......go figure!


  1. So much progress on the house. I am with Frank - I love the table. Any of the nasty weather bothering you?

  2. That table is interesting. I don't blame Frank for wanting it.

    The foyer light reminds me of the orreries that I've seen in botantical gardens. It has some substance from the door angle and looks great.

  3. The table IS great - and good for Frank! The knobs are going to be awesome -- happy to have been the inspiration and what a cool "little touch" to add SPECIAL to your new kitchen.

  4. Cooking... YES!! No shower.. Bummer. Soon though!

    Sneaky Spice

  5. More progress - yeah! Cooking has to feel so good! When I remodeled my kitchen at my house in Dover I had the electrician install a receptacle in the basement for the electric stove so I could cook. We moved my old stove to the basement and I was in business. I was not going to go without a stove. You on the other hand have been surviving without one for five months so you have to be ecstatic! Next - the shower!!


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