Tuesday, January 31, 2017

What Is The Most Important Thing To Do.....

.....when you change the locks?

So the contractor is done.  Steven, half of the twins, came to finish up all the items on the list.  Ron, the other twin, ended up in the hospital.  He has a chronic illness and they can't get his meds right.  Everything seems to be finished except for one thing, the storm door on the master bedroom needs to be put back on.  

So with the contractor finished, and the painters coming tomorrow to finish the crown moulding and the final touches of paint, Frank decided it was time to change out to the new door knobs with new locks.  And he put the window locks back on every window.  New locks everywhere.  Eveywhere.

There are still a million things we need at the hardware store.  So after feeding the dogs, we headed out.  Dinner was at Chick-Fil-A.  

When we got home, it was at that moment, he realized  he had not put a new key on his key ring.  Nor had he given me a key. 

Yep, we were totally and completely locked out.  

So.....to answer that question, the most important thing to do when you change the locks.....is to put the new keys on your key ring.

But that was not the most exciting thing that happened today.  On Monday, the construction started at the CAAWS building.  Charles sent me some pictures of the bathroom being torn out and the office being gutted.  It was exciting.  Today, the workers moved the routers to the attic with the intention of keeping it safe until the office is complete.

When they pulled the cord they triggered the fire alarm.  It happens to be a silent alarm.  So the workers were totally and completely surprised when the siren blaring fire truck roars down the street and they all jump out and rush into the CAAWS building!  Meanwhile, I get a call, Greg gets a call, Frank gets a call and Julie gets a call saying the CAAWS building is on fire.  OMG!  

Later, Julie is getting ready to mop the dog room and realizes  the water is off.  She calls the Malcolm and he says to just turn the water back on.  She goes outside, turns the water on.  When she gets back inside, the water is spewing from the bathroom pipes.  She rushes back outside and turns the water off.

So now they are hauling water from Richie's apartment next door.  

So I guess this is a new chapter.  A new chapter of "only happens to me" stuff. 


  1. Well, you know it's always the little things...

  2. Keys . . . we heard a highly suspicious sound from our kitchen windows 2 nights ago. Pounding and shattering glass. Turned out our back yard neighbors were not being broken into by thugs, but by they and their friends as THEY had locked themselves out of THEIR house. Needless to say, we did a thorough key check for our own house the next morning before breakfast!

  3. So how did you get into the house? The suspense is killing me! LOL!! Oops about the CAWS alarm ... and then the water. Stuff like that happens with construction.

  4. Love that you guys got locked out! The CAAWS stuff is normal and everyone has a similar story about renovation.

  5. Your life never has a dull moment it should be written up on a blog to entertain all your followers ;-) only you would be locked out of your house before you even get move in ! So glad CAAWS is getting a facelift


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