Monday, March 27, 2017

Final group of quilts laying around my house

Here is the last of the quilts laying around the house either waiting for a new home or to dear to me to leave.  There are more out there, but these are the ones I have at the moment.

There are some links in the post that if you click on them you will see some pretty neat stuff.

Saints!  Everyone loves their football teams.  And here in Louisiana we have a love/hate relationship with the Saints.  35 years of losing seasons and they win the Superbowl.  I guess we are working on the next 35 years of losing seasons again.......

Patty the Quilt Lady inspired this one.  I gifted my cousin's son with the original one, this one is a close second. 

This is one of the first quilts I made when I started back into quilting in earnest.  It was done on my mother's old White machine.....which was dying a fast death at the time.

It hung on the back of  a bench we called the Fish Watching Bench in the foyer.  We used to have a couple of fish tanks in there and we needed a bench for Cali the calico cat  to watch the fish.  She would sit on the tank and "fish" with her paw.  But once we got the bench, she pretty much stayed watching from there.  

You can't really see this one well, it is a nice combination of Southwest prints.  It was a kit that Ann gave me several years ago.  I can't remember what the pattern was called.

That is why one might want to put a label on a quilt...right?

Angle Play!  Remember that.  A thousand ruler templates, a million different ways to put them together.  These were the only six I made.  Too fussy for me.  The rulers are around somewhere still. 

I should sell them off, huh.

The border is a hand dyed fabric.  Some kid who appreciates art and color would love this.  I should find one and give it to them.....

Oh, fun fun!  This was the back of a bunch of t-shirts a friend gave me to make a t-shirt quilt for him.  It was going to be a fun quilt for a kid, but for some reason it is still living with me. 

It was then that I decided I now needed to save all the backs of the t-shirts I cut up.  Yes, more stuff to store.  So somewhere in all my stuff spread out in 3 homes is a set of purples and pinks for two more of these.

Like I need MORE stuff..........


  1. I now want to get all the quilts I have and post them like you did. I would just dread climbing up and down that ladder to hand the quilts from that pole I have set up for taking pictures of my quilts. I am also afraid of how many I mine find! I have some that I got for next to nothing at auctions and ones my mom made. Thanks for the shout out!

  2. That wonky rail fence really catches my eye. Maybe it's the brown earthiness or the wonky quilty goodness. You must be so happy to get them back.

  3. Love these. That Angle Play would be too much for me, too. I would make myself crazy trying to figure out all the different ways that I could arrange the pieces. You should have seen me playing with the boys when they were into blocks. We had every kind, I'm sure, but we especially loved Legos and K'Nex.
    Do we have a love/hate relationship with the Saints! Your Saints quilt is interesting and a nice reminder of the good times when the not-so-good times come along.


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