Thursday, March 2, 2017

Wonder Woman Rules!

Patty A  The Quilt Lady sent me a sample piece of the cotton webbing she got for her tote bags.  While I was grateful for the sample ( I ordered some myself today) I was ecstatic about the stamp!  Yay, Wonder Woman! That describe Patty and I perfectly! 


I have had to put dog beds by the sidelights on the front door.  He lays there all day when he is not sunning the the back yard.  And of course if McGee is there, DiNozzo needs one on the other side.

Note update:  table has a new home!!!!

I am jealous of the weed in my neighbor's yard.  I go everyday and take more pictures of it.  It needs to become an art piece, don't you think?
This is a Possum Belly Dough Table.  Circa 1910-30.  It needs to have the front leg stabilized.  and maybe a new coat of paint.  But I found one on the internet worth $695 plus shipping from Iowa/Ohio/Missouri - somewhere.
It can no longer live with me.  Anyone want it?  I am asking for a $100 donation for CAAWS.  The possum belly part is a semi circular dough pan that fits in the brackets just below the drawer.  the larger ones have several dough pans that look like possum babies hanging off the momma.  Hence Possum Belly Table.  I don't have the possum belly part. 
It DID NOT flood since it was not at the house at the time of the flood.

I found this fabulous flag for the front porch.  Kinda says it all, huh?


  1. Great flag! Funny about the dogs and the windows (and their beds). Good luck finding a new home for the table.

  2. I thought you would like the Wonder Woman stamp! It says "Don't mess with me!" LOL!!! I wish I was laying in front of a window with the warm sunshine coming down on me. A little bit ago it was snowing so hard I couldn't see across the site or the access drive. We are suppose to get between 2 to 5 inches today. My poor daffodils. I kept telling them to go back in the ground; it was too soon to show themselves. Cute flag!

  3. Love the flag and that weed has great leaves for sun printing

  4. You won't be jealous of that weed if it's allowed to go to seed! Trust me on this one. (I'm a country girl and have stepped bare foot on a few of them. Ouch!)

    The pot-bellied dough table is interesting. I've never heard of this before. Good luck finding it a home.


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