Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Ultimate Color Tool

That is enough with the gratuitous baby photos.  You need some real quilty stuff.

I promise I won't bore you with photos of every cute thing he does, after all this blog is called Quilts and Dogs not Quilts and Dogs and BABIES!  Let's face it, I am really not all that baby person anyway.  I like this one because he is mine, but other than that ...... your grandkids have done all this same stuff any way so it won't be as exciting to you.

I have had this Ultimate Color Tool for a couple of weeks now, but have been busy with traveling and putting the boxes away......OK and having a I have not shown it to you.

You will need one of these if you do any sort of design work, art quilting or choosing colors for your own quilts.  If you only buy kits, then you don't' need one!  I don't get any gratuity from it, I just find it useful and thought you might as well.

It is actually called the Ultimate 3 in 1 Color Tool and this is the updated 3rd edition.

And it has the value finders that are so hard to fine.  Both green and red.
Basically, you choose a color you want to use in your project.  Or you find a piece and match the color to a card.  She gives  you info on how to combine the colors to make a great piece.

For example the cards will show the matches for monochromatic, split complement complementary, analogous and triadic matches.   And it gives formulas for each in CMYK, RGB, and HEX so you can create the colors yourself or even in graphic design and web design.

Each card shows the pure color as well as its tints, tones, shades and hues.  You can work with places like Dharma to get the components to get better dyed matches. 

It is an amazing tool.  For years I have been searching for the perfect color tool.  Carrie would bring me the paint chip books they use as they got new ones.  And this is similar but geared for what we do as creaters in fabrics. Those viewers are really hard to find anywhere. 

Judy from my Fiber Group always has the most amazing pieces.  And she uses this color tool to make decisions for her materials.  Of course, she is an  amazing designer and artist as well.  She regularly has pieces in magazines.   But the color tool helps her make her beautiful creations. 

Anything that will make the process easier and better, I say!

Joen Wolfrom put this together, have you seen her amazing work with color fabrics? 

Joen Wolfrom gallery page

Color Play by Joen Wolfrom  I have the Visual Coloring one.  But I think I might need more!

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  1. At least include one cute grandson picture with each post as well as 1 of the dogs and Frank. Now I can have you design my quilts!


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