Thursday, July 20, 2017

Cotton Robin Reveal

Please click on the above link to see the Big Reveal from this year's Cotton Robin.

This day is like Christmas to me!  It is always so exciting.  I worked on Sophie's quilt, and the two Terry/Terri's quilts.

All were vastly different, all needed specific design attention and all were challenging to create.

A big thanks goes out to Julie for keeping it all going. And bigger yet, for keeping me in the fun this year by creating a block for me when I had no sewing room!  My Modern Robin people unveiled their little quilts last week, but didn't include me this year.  I guess they just didn't love me as much! 

My Cotton Robin quilt arrived yesterday.  You can see my house, perched on the edge of the rising water.   But notice it does come back to being a house again......

In other news,

I finished the top for the Diamond Dogs.  And am auditioning borders.  I
wasn't going to put borders on it, but it does need some to keep the triangles in check.

I sent off an Eagles t-shirt I found for Patty the Quilt Lady.   But first I cut off the sleeves, I lusted after those sleeves!  I doodled quilting designs on the back of her package.  Maybe I should have included the three mandarins for her in there too!

She uses Rock t-shirts to make quilts for the Akron Art show she enters every year.  Her heavily hand worked quilts have made quite a name for themselves and she has been invited to participate several other venues with them.  If you have any rock band t-shirts you want to get rid of, I will make sure they will get to her. 

The cardinal chicks are growing fast.  I am afraid one may not make it though.  When you look in, only two raise their heads and those are the ones the parents will feed.  The third chick doesn't look smaller though, so maybe it is getting food.

Not to be connected to the birds above, but I made Chicken and Dumplings in the InstaPot last night.  OMG........Amazing.  And easy.  

And I got mail from Germany!  I will tell you about it tomorrow!


  1. OMG talking about baby birds then showing cooked fowl! Only

  2. The quilts turned out so wonderful and like you said all so different. Thanks for the shout out about my t-shirt quilts and sending me that shirt. Loving the doodles!


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