Saturday, November 4, 2017

Leaf Printing

I know it is Saturday.  And I try not to o anything too exciting because I know you are probably off having fun with family or maybe on quilt retreat.  But this was dangled in front of me by Carol of Quilted Fabric Art.  And of course I couldn't resist.

Darn you, Carol.  Now I had to spend $30 on more art supplies.

I scavenged some leaves from the back yard.

 Dug through some boxes for my brayer. 

I did a test print on some muslin.  I think I like this better than the real prints.  A testament to the "keep it simple" thought.

This is the typing paper I use to collect the overflow paint when I "brayed" the leaf pieces. 

This is cool.  Now I want to toss the sewing machine and do this forever!

These are bookcovers to be.

More later.

This technique is courtesy of Mad Quilter Woman. 

And I am linking up with Nina Marie at Creations.  Maybe I can do better in 2018 and post every week again.


  1. Cool. What did you do for the printing media? Is it paint or dye? If dye - what type?

  2. Well, you know my feelings on leaves...these are lovely!!!! You would even do a paper book of leaves!!! Nicely done my friend!

  3. Isn't it fun! I tried some ferns before they are die which most have. What kind of paint did you use. I just used some micheals cheap acrylic and added textile medium mixed with some old dried up screen printing ink cause I already had it laying around. Yours came out great!

  4. Ohh Glen I love this!! I already have the art supplies - I really should do some these next spring when all the leaves come out again!

  5. The art supply purchase was well worth the expense. Love the leaf prints.


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