Saturday, December 30, 2017

Daily Bird #30 and Me and the Italian Stud On the Beach.....

Crossing the hump........from the 20s to the 30s.

This bright bird is all batik-y and happy.  He flew in and showed me his wings which were every color of the rainbow.  I had a hard time trying to find an appropriate chest for him.

I tried several colors but it was the yellow that made him sing!

He didn't tell me his name, but flew out quickly.  Out the window.

Well, he would have if my windows opened!  I actually had to let him out the door with the dogs.  But flying out the window sounds so much more fun.......and he is.....after all.......a FUN guy.

Last night I was playing around with a new technique that has been a year and a half in the making.

The box of NeoColors was the very last thing I ordered and received before the flood.  It was such an ordinary thing to do, order art supplies from the internet and get it delivered.  That was in August 2016.  It is amazing to me that I would remember such an ordinary thing.  But it is as clear in my memory today as it was that day.

And at some point I uncovered it in a box as I was unpacking to put the Quilt Studio back together.  And here they are.

 So, for art's sake, I plagiarized a  poster from an internet site.

It was the first time using anything like those colors.  This is so cool.  Now I have to learn to control the water disbursement.  I figure a few more purloined posters and I will be an expert!

See Frank and I on that island overlooking the ocean cay.  That must be Vesuvius if that is Naples, Italy. We were there years ago and I remember the bus ride along the coast to see Pompeii.  We dined in Naples in an ocean side cafe under an arbor of grapes.  Frank was so sick from bus ride he just sat there with his head on the table and moaned. 

Our traveling companion, Janice, took him down the street to a pharmacy where she pantomimed throwing up.  They gave him some medicinal concoction that instantly relieved him. 

So that must be me with some Italian stud sitting there on the beach.  Frank doesn't play guitar, either.


  1. Maybe those are tattoos on the beach guy's back. California surfer dude for sure.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Look at you flirting with Antonio on the beach! Your batik bird has the feel of Napoli. He must have flown off into the sunset. I've never heard of those neocolors. I'll have to Google it. Try using aloe gel instead of water. It's in the sunburn relief section of the store. You will.need some.anyway after cavorting with the Italien stud all day in the sun.

  3. Who else could it be? You and a stud who can play guitar and sing love songs to you. If you're going to dream....
    I can imagine someone pantomiming throwing up. "Uughugh" has to be fairly universal, don't you think?


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