Friday, December 15, 2017

Pepsi and a Party

Last night was the CAAWS Volunteer Appreciation Party.  We honor those who have volunteered in roles all over the organization, from dog or cat shift to building manager, from Event Planning to Parade Coordinating.  I chose to honor my Vice President, Greg Jones, with a really cool set of inscribed beer glasses which I fumbled around and finally poured a toast to him.  I had asked Frank to pick up two German import beers.  At Albertsons they sell individual bottles so you can choose what you want to try.

I SPECIFICALLY told him to get and easy open top so I wouldn't have to fumble with it.  Up at the podium, in the middle of a tearful presentation (Greg and I were both sniffling) there I am struggling to twist off a non-twist off cap........oh, yeah.

We also had a Let's Make A Deal Raffle for tons of donated cat and doggy items, or candy and actual lumps of coal. Charles, dressed in his reindeer suit and Santa Slippers, was a great MC who was actually successful in convincing people to give up a $50 gift card for a lump of coal......

Classic Connections owner, Karen, graciously donates the space every year for our party.  Sadly she is closing doors this year.  I have no idea what we will do next year.  Maybe we will just go to her house........

But before the party, I met with an old dog client of mine, from way back.  She was in my classes when I still had Pepsi, my very first Greater Swiss Mountain Dog.  Marlene trained her two babies Greta and Heidi.  I ran into Marlene at a joint meeting of her painting club and my fiber art group.  I asked if she would paint Pepsi for my foyer wall.

She met me at the shelter as we were getting ready to do the tour.

When she took it out of the paper, I just stood in the parking lot and cried.  It was so beautiful.

She gave me back a bit of my sweet girl.  My unpredictable nutcase who was terrified of men and could get out of any fencing we build in the yard.  She would go sit on the front porch, but she got out every day.

I love it.  I was awestruck. 


  1. Sounds like a great party. The portrait of Pepsi is amazing.

  2. What a wonderful picture!!!!! You know you couldn't get through a day without some funny or disrupting story...the beer cap was perfect! HA

  3. Great stories. Love the mix of funny and poignant. What a wonderful memory this painting will be.

  4. Sounds like you had a great time! The painting of Pepsi is wonderful!


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