Thursday, December 21, 2017

The Daily Bird - Ketchup Version

I sat down last night and worked in the nest.  I turned out a few birds for the next couple of days.

I have Sawyer so I have little time.  Although, the dogs are at the Doggy Spa for grooming today and it is amazing how much not having to open the door every 15 seconds for someone who is constantly on the WRONG side of said door...........

Sawyer has the same thing I have, chest cough and runny nose.  Poor guy, he sleeps fitfully and coughs waking himself up. I did the same thing last night but i can take cough syrup.

We took him to the park to swing.  He frowned the entire time he was swinging.  Frank thought he was not happy with swinging but I think he was trying to look at the other kids and figure out what they were doing.  

At my Fiber Group yesterday Judy dug out an old kit from her Florida guild days.  She said she was never happy fooling with it, and it looked just like me!  There were a lot of cut up strips and these blocks were interspersed in the mix of color.  I think it is a Gwen Marsden Kona Colors quilt.

It will be interesting to put together and see what emerges!

 Suzette sent me a package yesterday but I can't find my camera to take a picture of it.  Tomorrow, my sweets.

Today's bird and yesterday's bird will fly in and introduce themselves to you.


 These are the colors from the Ring Doorbell. 

 This is the Green Legged Ring-ed Gull.  He did confide in me that once he had them, he was very sorry he chose those green legs.  But he does like his very long purple bill.  In Green Legged Ring-ed Gulls, the length of your bill shows your manliness.  He is all man!

He did have an accident with a rotary cutter and needed a wing tip repair...........

I had these random bird parts laying around which made the next build easy.

This is Apple.  She is a Brown Betty Bird.  I can taste the warm dessert as I sit here on my diet.

She has corn rows on her thick beak!  And what legs!  I think she is probably related to Peg Leg Pete, don't you?

I still have not gotten the hang of getting those designs in the wings set the right direction.  Maybe before I finish the month out, I will get it figured out.

I amm going to link  up to Nina Marie's Off the Wall Friday.  Go over and see what everybody is doing these holiday freedom days!


  1. Sawyer looks like he can't figure out why he can't run around and play with the other kids instead of being stuck in that swing. I hope the both of you feel better soon. That Kona fabric stripey pieces and parts looks like a fun challenge to make something out of it. Your new birds are so fun! Did you get my envelope yet?

  2. A bird a Day is a lofty goal but it seems you are meeting the challenge. Sawyer looks like a little Humpty Dumpty in that egg swing. So cute! What is the ketchup version? I love apple, her beak is divine.

  3. Your little birds are so charming! I also like the pieced striped pieces. I look forward to seeing what you do with them.

  4. Sawyer is so cute! I'm sure that you will make something great out of that kit and the birds, too. Merry Christmas!


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