Monday, December 4, 2017

The Daily Bird

You know, I have read many people talking about the bird classes Lynne teaches.  They talk about how addicting it is, this making birds. 

I thought HA! Not me!

Well, guess what?  I think I am addicted.

Here are two more birds from Sunday night. 

Boss Bird.

Look at him!  He is definitely the boss of everything!

His beak is thick and his legs have knees!

He is the one who sits in the highest branches and keeps his keen eye peeled for the ripest fruits. That is why he is slightly portly.

Now talk about is Mr. Bluebird.  He is so portly that his chest was too short and I had to add extra strips to make it fit. 

See his belly drags the ground?   I guess I need to learn to make a better slice there!

Of course, right after I agonized over all that, I found this......

So here is everyone all huddled together.  Boss Bird is overseeing the whole shebang!  Maybe I will test my skills and make a right facing bird!

They are  all wondering if I can keep up the daily bird........


  1. We know you can! These are adorable!

  2. Oh the personality in each of them. Make one that reminds you of your grandson! He has such great personality I would love to see you try to express it.

  3. I wanna see love birds. I know you can do it!

  4. HA HA HA HA! Addictive! They sure are! I've probably made two hundred birds and I never get tired of them. When I wrote that my birds have STORIES, one of my readers thought I had lost my mind. Then she started making them. Now you have stories about yours! I agree with stitchinpenny. Make one that reminds you of your grandson! I know you can do it. These birds look terrific!

    (Millie is the cat)


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