Thursday, January 25, 2018

A New Endeavor

My buddy Suzette of  Swooze's Quilts and Tall Tales mentioned she was doing a Temperature Quilt QAL.  I had started one the year of the Great Flood. 

So I decided to resurrect the colors from their scattered places around my quilt room.  I was able to pull together 25 colors which should give me a good range of temperatures.  And I have a lot of grey fabric should we have a temp dive lower than 15!  

 I dug up a shoe box and cut up some of the few backer boards I have left.

It took me the better part of the afternoon to lay out how the temperatures would correspond to the colors.  It required a trip to the quilt store in Central, LA to fill in a couple of gaps.

The numbers on the left are the sequential numbers of the colors and the ones on the left are their corresponding color ranges. 

And several of the sticky notes fell off.  Not a good thing when you have 25 fabrics all laid out. 

It took me about an hour to get a spreadsheet set up.  I was determined to get the "fill" to work and grid lines to print on the paper.


 First one cut!

364 to go!

Trying to be organized this year.  I bought folders for each of my guilds then realized I forgot CFAL and my Fiber Group.

They have pockets and  prongs so I put some plastic sheet pocket in there to collect stuff.  Hopefully I can keep important stuff together so I can find it again.
I bought the newest Photoshop program today!

Beth helped me with finding the Pixeladies again, thanks girl!

I missed the first Photoshop class, but after talking with them and the experience I already have, they encouraged me to join the second class starting in February.

Sometimes you just have to look at things in a different perspective to see value in them.

Since I am giving up the butterflies, I took them off the design wall.   I looked at them laying on the table as I was putting the fabrics away.  This looks like a block called Japanese Sunrise or something similar.

I wonder what would happen with a bunch of these in those rich colors?  (I don't need another project, really.)

But here it is with an impromptu sun......just sayin'

(and of course, I am linking up with Off the Wall Friday over at Nina Marie's place.  Come join us!)


  1. I have never heard of the temperature quilt. That sure is a lot of beautiful colors! Your sunrise idea reminds me of a block (I think it was appliqued) by Carol Friedlander.

  2. Love how you have organized the hues into temperatures. I can imagine a bargello, charting temperatures over a season. There are all sorts of possibilities. Can't wait to see what you choose to do.

  3. Don't know what a temperature quilt is but that great range of colors makes me imagine all sorts of projects! Are those hand-dyes? I love the Pixeladies and am taking the class in Feb as a refresher since I took both parts a couple of years ago.


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