Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Dinner Party Means .......

........a lot of cooking and cleaning!  And what dinner party is not complete without those tiny little toast things with a creamy soft cheese dip for a starter?

The house is clean and I think I have all the groceries I need.  If not, there’s always the nearest store!

 The fish dishes were the only dinner party dishes that survived, so we have a "fish" theme I guess.

I have half the hexes for the bees made for Carrie’s Pinkie Girl Quilt.  I love those bees!  They are so awesome.  I want a whole quilt of bees!  They would have to be bigger though; these are like 3 inches.

DiNozzo and McGee are distraught tonight.  They have heard through the
grapevine and commercials that they are knocking Abby off tonight.  They have cleared their calendars to be totally available to watch the show and see that happens.

All ears, so to speak.

 I asked Frank to cut own my ligustrum poodle bush that lived right in front of  the window for the last 3 years.  It looked like the one to the left there.  But now it was blocking over the view.

Since the flood, we have made the rest of the house "modern" in style. So the patio is getting a modern makeover as well.

This is step one.  Bush gone.

Speaking of Modern.

Lori  and I did a presentation for the Modern Guild last night.   Lori and Barbara shared their judging sheets from the GSQA Show with the group.  Lori compared the way QuiltCon was judged compared to the GSQA shows, which are very traditional in nature.  She said that the Modern component of the GSQA Show was judged by Traditional Judges.

Hence the comments about clipped tips on HSTs and Flying Geese!  In the Modern world, that is not such a bad thing.  In the Traditional world, it is awful.

It was a very interesting discussion.  The Modern Quilting philosophy has not moved into all the areas of hardcore traditional quilting minds yet.

But it is moving forward into those areas at lightening speed!


  1. I'm so sad about Abbey! I love her- having her die is just to sad.

  2. Having watched NCIS I personally think they did well in the wrap up. I missed the news about your dinner party. I will have to read your recent blogs.

  3. i'm gonna miss Abbs, almost as much as i miss Tony ... and it sucks that they killed off Reeves - why,oh why couldn't it have been Bishop, i ask?!? anywho, give DiNozzo and McGee a commiserating hug for me...

  4. I KNEW Abbs was not going to die. Thank you NCIS writers for maintaining you quality writing. Now the question is what quirky personality will take her place because there MUST be quirk. I like how your patio is in a kind of alcove. Very private.
    xx, Carol


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