Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Remember that Grey Fabric From Yesterday........

That light grey fabric from yesterday was some that I had pre-flood.

 It must have been close to the proximity of some Procion Dye containers.  there was a whole group of fabric that got some fugitive dye trapped in the fibers.

And there was the possibility it also had some blood.

I am not confirming nor denying that fact, but there was some red streaks on the grey fabric as well.  I did have jars of red and yellow Procion dyes in there, so, just sayin'.

At Joann's the other day, a tie dye kit just happened to jump into my basket.  It was on sale for $7.99 and felt like it needed to live with me for a while.   And it brought its friend, a red and yellow kit as well.

 Doesn't that blue bird bath look great with my dye bath fabrics?

So this morning I was successful in dyeing both my hands green.  I told my performance classmates as I attempted to do four push ups (and failed, I only did three but it was two more than last month) that gloves are for sissys. 

Along with these beauties, that used to be ugly grey streaked with some random fugitive blue dye and some potential crime scene blood there were some nicely colored wooden clothes pins. 

I will iron them out and show you nice pictures tomorrow.  I am going to celebrate with a burger and fries tonight......just sayin'


  1. No failure in 3. You did great and the tie dye is fantastic.

  2. The fabric turned out beautiful! I have a bunch of previously dyed fabric that needs overdyed. Maybe I will get to it some day.

  3. Wow, the fabric turned out lovely. The color and pattern is stunning, you definitely have a great talent. Thanks for the share, loved seeing the transformation of this fabric through your blog. Keep up the posts.
    World of Animals


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