Tuesday, May 15, 2018

What's the Buzz?

I spent the weekend working on bees. 

I love paper piecing.  And I love these bees. 

So I decided to make nine of them, just because I love bees.  And because the quilt just seemed like it might need nine bees. 

After I made all nine, I put them on the design wall and thought I should have made twelve.  Oh well.  Nine it is!  LOL.

I had a Quilt Meeting tonight, not modern, more of a traditional bent.  But a lot of people there are doing modern and we may be hijacking the meeting!  LOL. 

These faces say Mom, we love you more than life itself....because you have your hand on the dog bone jar.


  1. Those bees are so neat! I think you need 12 b/c 4 into 9 doesn't compute. It leaves a bee buzzing around lost. Oh, how I miss touching those faces.

  2. You have more patience that I have with making those bees. There are a lot of pieces! They turned out wonderful and will look so cute in that quilt.

  3. Who knew nine bees and two dogs could live in complete peace and harmony with each other :-) I believe we cannot have too many dogs or too many bees. You may need a cute fabric with a bee print to make the backing.


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