Sunday, June 10, 2018

Just getting there was tough

The first hurdle was getting to London.  We had a direct flight to Houston from Baton Rouge.  Which took off an hour late, causing us to miss the direct flight with first class tickets from Houston to London.  The woman chuckled as she said, I can put you on this next flight....but you won't make it.  (so why put us on it, duh?)

After we didn't make that flight, we were put on another flight.....which was cancelled.

I stood in the terminal, feeling kinda terminal, and shoved my ticket into on of those machines that  proclaimed "see what connections you can make!" Frank was yelling at me, I thought I might connect with a nice Greek millionaire.  It put me on a flight to Dulles Washington DC/London.

Frank yelled at me for doing that, but I couldn't undo it. After an hour when he got to the front of the line, the customer service rep said , yep, sure enough, he needed to be on that flight as well.

We rushed across the Houston Airport for the THIRD time in 5 hours to a different terminal and got there just as they were closing the doors.  Frank yelled at me the whole way about not wanting to be on that flight.

When we got there, he told the gate attendant he didn't want to be on the flight, she shut the gate down, looked at his stuff, told him he NEEDED to be on the flight.........stopped the plane and got us on.

That is how we ended up sleeping on benches in Dulles Airport Washington DC overnight, and thankfully in London the next day.  It had taken us only 36 hours to get there.  Frank sat next to a woman in the window seat with a 6 month old baby in her lap , both of whom cried the whole way.  Better man than I am, for sure. 

Remember those first class tickets?  We ended up jammed in middle seats for 11 1/2 hours in separate sections of the plane, not even close to each other.

But we were in London!  Now we just had to get to the ship somehow.

Being American and thinking his money ruled the world, we got kicked off three buses before Frank figured out we had to get us some of that English money.  I was just too tired to care at that point. 

We are so traveling with Marchita next time..........And taking less luggage.


  1. What an ordeal! This type of thing showe how strong your marriage is in the fact you didn't kill each other. I trust the rest of the journey went smoothly?

    1. Well, I did want to leave him in the airport, throw him ooff the plane, toss him overboard and leave him on the bus a few times.......

  2. What is the point of having a schedule if the airlines can't stick to it! Flying has gotten so bad anymore. I hope all the trials of the trips will be overshadowed by all the cool places you got to visit.

  3. Yep...I see a book in the making! And it won't be called The Accidental Tourist!


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