Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Trip Photos

For those who have sent encouraging words about Chuck, I thank you from my heart.  I talked with some staff last night and they said he was in the process of becoming aware and understanding what he had attempted to do.  They hope to move him to a VA Mental Facility where he can finish his recovery and prepare for his normal as a stronger man.  His trucker job is waiting for him.  His friends are stepping in, even from distances.  Truckers have an amazing bond, these guys. 

PHOTOS! I took over 2300 photos! Don't you love the new digital media?

I have to wait to download the photos until I can to work in Frank's new computer.  Mine doesn't have available space to transfer them to Dropbox.  I have a Board Meeting tonight so that will take a few days to get don.  I need do some work to get the data small enough for the blogger gods to accept them.  

For each vacation trip I put together a photo book.  I write narratives from the notes I take during the trip and I will be posting them here for you to read through.  Or you can just look at the photos Although I do a lot of research on the places and events and there is history and information included in the narrative.  Incredibly I learn a lot AFTER I get home that I wish I had known BEFORE I  got there!

 As I get the photos reworked I will be posting some incredible photos from

Iceland -3 days
Norway - 2 days

Shetland  Isles - 1 day
Scotland - 3 days
Stonehenge, Salisbury - 1 day

I  can't wait to see them on the big computer screes since I have only seen most of them on the back of my camera.


  1. So glad to hear Chuck is getting stronger. Waiting impatiently for photos.

  2. It's always fun to see the pics on the 'big screen' after looking at them on the phones or digital cameras! You'll (and I hope we!) will be amazed!

  3. I am glad to hear Chuck is getting better. He has been through a lot.

    Yes, I am excited to see pictures from your trip since I will probably never get to any of those places.

  4. Chucks friends will get him through this.

  5. Really looking forward to your travel photos and report. I will love reading the details of history etc.


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