Thursday, July 5, 2018

Sometimes I Live in an Alternative Universe

What great name for a quilt, right?  If there were any quilting going on here, right?

I have wimped out and opened up my old computer because I just don't want to deal with any more frustration than I have to at the moment.

On Saturday I had the Embroidery Class with Katy, then I had babysitting going on for 2 days before the holiday so I didn't get much of anything done.   In between saving Sawyer's life every 15 minutes or so, I was preparing or a 4th of July Party here at the house.

Yep, that called for my famous ribs and a clean house!

We ended up with a ton of people here, eating, drinking, eating.  I was so stuffed with desserts and food!

Word must have gotten out because in the middle of the party yesterday I get a text from my cousin Jason in Colorado saying he was coming in town in August and guess what he wanted?  Ribs!

So in a couple of weeks we will do this all over again! And you know I love it.  I miss having the house filled with people eating my food.  I am definitely like my father and his sister in that.

On Monday we had the reveal for the Modern Robin at the Modern Guild.  This was the one that I got to finish up.  I added the landscape that sat on what looked like an intricate system of sewer pipes.  It looked like one of those cutaway portions of city architectures that show dynamic flows.

I don't know what it will end up being, but it was one of my favorite ones to work on.  I loved the architectural aspect of the piece.

I can't show you how mine came back just yet, but I will soon.

I have had my new SUV since I lost my 12 year old SUV in the Great Flood coming up on two years ago.  Today Frank and I were headed out to lunch and my radio made a strange noise.  Then........

The radio read a text that had just come though my phone from CVS Pharmacy saying one of my medications was ready for pick up.

What?  In two years that has never happened.  What made the vehicle all of a sudden decide to start reading my phone texts to me as I was driving?  Out of the blue, just like that.

The only thing different is that I went to the Arctic Circle last month.........(cue the UFO music please)


  1. An update in the system probably caused it. Before we drove ours off the lot they linked both phones and they have always done that. Paul had to show a lady how to turn on her radio about a month ago. You know that sinking feeling you get when someone comes in and describes your car in the parking lot - well a guy came in and asked - but he only wanted to know since he had just bought the car for his wife and they failed to listen to how to turn on the radio. Paul also linked the husband's phone and showed them how to get the phone to read text messages. On our car you have to agree for each message, but you say yes sounding things often in conversation. The update in June seemed to make the reading of text messages much easier. I didn't even know it was updated until I noticed a difference in one of the screens.

  2. Saw a title in a blog list, but no new blog showed up

  3. It was national ufo day on Monday I think! Did frank celebrate??

    Love your little Yankee Doodle dandy!

  4. Can you share your ribs recipe? I hear they are world famous

  5. I made them but 8 back on my new computor

  6. Sounds like you had a fabulous party!


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