Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Stones of Stenness photos - yes, photos!

OK.  I spent some quality time with a definitely foreign, but pretty smart guy from the Geek Squad who fixed my computer from home in about an hour.  Well, not fixed my computer, per se, but changed the things I knew I needed changing for the moment.

Best yet, he downloaded a version of Dropbox that will work in Windows 10 for me, so now I don't hate my computer......as much.  

And here are some pictures of the Stones of Stenness outside of Kirkwall Scotland on Orkney to prove that I can do pictures.  This is as much for myself  as it is for your own eye candy, you realize.  

When we went to Orkney we saw several stands of stone monuments.
 The day was dreary as you can tell.

The Standing Stones of Stenness is a Neolithic Monument above Stromness on Orkney Island.

This is one of the oldest of the henge sites in the British Isles.  IT was a stone circle surrounded by a rock cut ditch.  Radiocarbon dates from the excavation show the stones are most likely 3000 BC or earlier.

The Standing Stones were laid out in an ellipse, although it is commonly thought that the monument was once made up of 12 megaliths.  Belief is that the original monument ring was never completed for whatever reason.

These stones are about 19 feet tall to give you an idea of their massive size.  The Odin Stone is in the center of this formation.  

An 18th century visitor to Orkney wrote that the Stones of Stenness were known locally as "The Temple of the Moon" - a term he claimed remained in use until at least 1841.

I have just a few minutes to play here. My day got shot to bits when Carrie called me with requests to get Sawyer this afternoon.  I had to rearrange everything I had for today and then for tomorrow so I can be there to sit in the waiting room  for the MRI that Frank has tomorrow......yes, he is important too, you know. 

Do you know how many medical and vet things I have done on my own for 46 years?    But I digress, right?  And now I may not get to go to the quilt guild for the 4th month in a row now.  

Aughhhhh…….woe is me.


  1. Poor darling. Love the pictures.

  2. BUT - you have photos in your blog post so it is a good day.

  3. These are more impressive than Stonehenge

  4. Beautiful pictures. I get files sent to me in Dropbox and I hate it. It is so hard to figure out how to download something. I find it annoying, but the subcontractors have to use it when a file is too big to send a pdf in an email.

  5. Love your pictures and I am so glad you have come to terms with Win 10. Thinking "apps" is sometimes hard to do, at least for me. I LOVE Drop Box.

    Have a really good day.
    xx, Carol

  6. I understand the whole doctors/vet thing for sure. And I struggled with win10 also, but I finally gave in, just use what I know and move on. The baby thing is also a well known, but mine have all grown up. I miss them every day. They all have their own lives. Pictures are awesome. Lots of friends in fun places. One has an air bnb in lisbon. Take care.


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