Friday, August 10, 2018

The Answer My Friend Is Blowin' In The a fan

One of the Carols had a great question - what exactly is a modern quilt?  Well, I have some insight on that!  I will do a post about that, but I need to pull some info together in a nice presentation for you.

With pictures!  Wouldn’t that be nice?

Meanwhile, I have some good news for you in the Ceiling Fan department.

I had decided that it was most likely that I would not be getting the fan I wanted.  I looked all over the internet for it and found it, but it was out of stock or unavailable everywhere.  It wasn’t looking good.

So when Carrie was over here picking up the Incrediblly Amazing Grandchild we discussed the benefits of each fan.

58" Artemis Distressed Koa LED Ceiling Fan

62" Artemis XL5 Distressed Koa LED DC Ceiling Fan

Even though the den is a huge space, she felt the 60 inch fan would be a really large presence in the room, and I agreed.  If the ceiling was higher it might have been the better choice.

So I got on Live Chat with Lamps Plus to order the other one.

Guess what?

Artur just happened to mention that if I wanted to wait until August 27 that they would receive 3 of the fans I wanted.

What?  You bet your sweet bippy I do!

He said he could put me on priority shipping and make sure one of those was mine, mine, all mine!!!

He added that they were very, very popular fans.

I know, I said.  And I own one now!

…….and then this rainbow appeared right in my backyard!


  1. Your pot of good luck at the end of the rainbow has been found! I can't wait for the presentation.

  2. Fantastic! I lost the story in grandchildren visits, but this is a good thing no matter how you got there.

  3. I have to say that is one gorgeous fan. I can see why all the excitement and anticipation.

  4. Will be waiting in anticipation with you!

  5. OK, I'm not clapping yet. I checked my calendar and the 27th is a little bit away. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that Arthur is not smoking that wacky weed to, or nibbling on Diamond Brownies as they are known around here. Can't wait to see a picture of it hanging from YOUR ceiling. BTW, I love that fan!
    x, Carol

  6. Good deal that you are closer to getting a cool fan! I can't wait to see the presentation on modern quilts.


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