Thursday, November 1, 2018

My Poor CRV

Coming home from Carrie’s house after Trick Or Treating with Sawyer, someone rammed into the CRV while we were sitting at the stoplight.

 Neither of us were hurt, apart from the expected neck and back muscles hurting from the impact.

She hit us pretty hard, I don’t think she applied her brakes at all.  She hit us so hard that my glasses flew off the top of my head.  I didn’t find them on the floor until morning.  I am guessing she must have been on the phone or texting.

Now we have to deal with her insurance, or rather her father's insurance.  I don't know how old she is but she wasn't a kid.  I talked to them today, a company I have never heard of called Lyndon Southern.  Research time I guess.

Of course I have not had the damage evaluated yet, but I know her car got the worst of it,  my CRV was new and has all the bells and whistles on it for safety as it was the Touring Edition.  Good choice I made for safety ratings.

Her car.....


Sawyer loved seeing all the decorations, he was fascinated with this display and wanted to play in the house rather than gather candy.  I am not sure he saw candy as a valued commodity like the older kids did, he was there for the aesthetics!


  1. Sorry about the car, but glad to see how well it fared since I own a 2018 CRV. Sawyer understands the good stuff in life. things that don't come back to haunt you as pounds to carry around.

  2. Was Sawyer in the car when you got hit? Even if he wasn't that is scary when out of the blue you wacked like that. I am glad nobody got hurt. It will be interesting to find out what the damage adds up to. Sometimes there is the hidden damage that is the real surprise. Well, at least you know you are driving a very safe vehicle!

    Sawyer looks so cute!

  3. Cute little beggar!! Gosh I am so sorry this accident happened. Speaking as a former personal property insurance agent I'll share some unasked for advice. Make sure you seek medical attention for the neck and back issue this kind of accident causes. Have your glasses checked to be sure there are no scratches that you may not realize. You are entitled to up to 5x the cost of medical bills in any settlement. This seams harsh and over the top, but think about it. And you may have heard about the 3 children in my area that were killed while getting on the school bus caused by total inattention by the car driver.
    xx, Carol

  4. Whew...glad you weren't hurt...and car can be repaired...guarantee she was on phone....texting/ don't run into someone if you're just 'driving'! Take care and hope you don't feel any more discomfort from your jolt! Sawyer looks adorable!

  5. Little Man had more fun handing OUT the candy than anything else. He did go around the block trick or treating with his parents while we stayed at his house and handed out candy in their absence, but he was elated to come home and starting giving it away again.


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