Friday, August 7, 2009

Big changes

Well, Valerie moved here. I flew to Colorado Springs and helped her drive the two Swissys and herself to Baton Rouge. Truck brought her stuff days later. And she is still unpacking. But she is here. The rest will come.

And my mom is currently staying with us for a day or so while she does some doctor visits. Her Alzheimer's is getting worse. Stan is not much better in the hospital in Kenner after his stroke in January.

Carrie's car had an accident, an SUV plowed into her, smashed up her car, drove away. Took a month to repair it. The day it was ready she asked me to pick it up. I ran into a pole on the facility's lot and pulled the bumper off. So it never made it home. Sorry Carrie!

Granddog Hugeaux stayed with is for the weekend while Carrie and Andrew headed to San Destin Florida for an Architect's conference. He is a pretty cool little boy, but certainly changes the dynamics of the house when he is here.

And the biggest news is that Carrie and Andrew bought a house yesterday. Not too far from me. But not in Plaquemine either. So that is a good thing.

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