Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fabris Sale, Yeah Baby!

I went to the Quilt Corner this morning and was among close to 50 women vying for $2 -3-4 fabrics. The place was wall to wall bodies grabbing for fabrics, bartering with those in line and hogging what they thought was the best of the best.

Quilt Corner was cleaning out their old stuff and making way for their new stuff. So I bought about $115.25 worth of mostly $2 and $3 fabrics. And I know you are going, WHAT????

Cool. I brought home a ton of fabrics to add to my collections of various groups of fabrics for future quilts and future quilt backings. I have about 31 yards of fabric, give or take.

It is the quilt backings that are really expensive. At $9.50 per yard a queen size quilt can take 9 or ten yards. So you are looking at nearly $100 just for the backing. That doesn't include the batting which can run around $50 for the package. Or the quilt top which often runs me about $100 to $150 for a full size top depending on the fabric lines. Easily you are looking at just $300 for a quilt, not counting the hours to make it, thread (which is about $8 per spool). Just a basic quilt now-a-days is worth over $500 just to start out with!

I often buy on the internet which has discounted fabrics. But if you are looking to achieve that specific look in the newest lines, then you will definitely pay about $10 or more for a yard.

So that makes my $115 look good, doesn't it!

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