Sunday, June 21, 2009

UFOs sighted!

There is a great new block lotto going on in CFQG. Outhouse blocks! I love it! I want to win this one. Of course that is exactly what I need.......more blocks. But this one would be very much fun to have. I can't wait to see what the others come up with.

I took a look at my UFO Progress Sheet tonight. I haven't gotten very far at all. Of the 32 in there I have completed only 5. That is about 15.6%. Not a large margin for 1/2 the year already. And I have "unofficially" added two more, the LSU flag and the South Seas. But both of those are tops ready to sandwich. So that drops my percentage down to 14.7%. Ugh.

I now have resolved to find the scotch tape and tape it to my door. Since it wasn't doing any good just sitting in the computer. Maybe taped to my door will make it seem to be in the forefront.

And maybe I can do some fancy colors when I complete a quilt. Or maybe some gold stars or stickers. Do they make stickers for quilters?

Sigh........the buzz word tonight is COMPLETE!

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