Friday, February 12, 2010


It started as sleet yesterday afternoon, then went into rain. But this morning Frank wakes me up around 7 am and says to come see the snow.

Sneaux! It held until about 11 am. Then it stopped and melted! But while it was sneaxing it was huge beautiful flakes! And I got a ton of pictures.

Bonnie Doon's grave is covered with snow, she is loving it. Dutch is curled up in the den in front of the fireplace, a silly mountain dog for sure. Bonnie was my cold weather girl.

Granddog Hugeaux is with us now, Carrie and Andrew are heading to New Orleans for a parade tonight. They are in for a cold night.

Now the yard is slushy and a cold mess. Temps are just at 31 degrees. It is a wet cold today. I am chilled to the bones. Maybe that is why Dutch is in front of the fire!

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