Saturday, April 10, 2010

Quilts of Love and I didn't take a single picture! Huh???

Just wanted to thank Loft Creations for spurring me on with this No Strings Attached project. I just returned home from the Quilts of Love Show. I donated 9 quilts, 4 of which were string quilts.

QOL is a sort of clearinghouse of sorts for charity quilts. A couple of years ago two women decided to do a quilt show that brought together those who wanted to donate quilts to charities and the charities who wanted to recieve the quilts. They hang the donated quilts in a church Fellowship Hall for the weekend, then on Sunday afternoon the charities come and receive the quilts.

This year the ladies said they wanted to surpass last year's number of 70 quilts. When I left as they were nearly finished taking everything down today, they had an amazing 268 quilts.  Among the charities who received quilts were: (there were others I can't remember as well)

Braveheart - quilts for kids in foster care
Quilts of Valor - for wounded servicemen
CASA - quilts for kids in need of court appointed guardians
Hope for Children - not sure about this one.
Woman's Hospital Preemie Ward - every preemie baby goes home with a tiny quilt
Woman's Hospital Isolette Babies - covers for the isolettes for preemie and sick babies
Louisiana Children's Home - Orphanage
Battered Woman's Shelter

It was amazing to see the quilts hanging, knowing that soon they would have some child snuggled in its folds. A child that really needed a hug. It was amazing to see the faces of those receiving the quilts. It was just amazing.


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  1. It's uplifting knowing people are so generous with their time. Thank you for sharing this. What a wonderful idea for sharing these lovely gifts then giving them.


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