Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Crazy Dogz

 My friend Mary and I got together at the Sew In on Tuesday this week.  We (literally) went crazy over these dogs!   Mary found this pattern at Buggy Barn and just knew I would love it as much as she did.  So we sliced and diced our way through the kennel.

This is Mary's dog.  I really like the colors, black always appeals to me.  So I put together these three.  (The first time we did the pattern we just used three fabrics to "test" the water, so to speak.)  The others will be a mix of the same three fabrics, just in different places in the block.  No two will be the same. 
Here are my three. 

 I got the big idea to make a kid's quilt out of the folk country dog blocks!  So here are my more "modern" dogs.  I am hoping that they will find a good home somewhere.  Hint Hint!

I am testing to see which way the fabrics should go.  I think the black should be the inner border.  But then I thought of black and white checks.  Hmmmmmm.  You know......I kinda like the combination of the blue and the black as a 1/2 way border.  New Concept!


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