Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bathing the Rocks.....

I have been soooo lazy about quilting these last few days.  But I have been very very busy doing other things.   

I spent a few hours every day this week shoveling the rocks from the walk way and the Japanese Garden into a wheelbarrow.  Then hosing out the mud and debris and other odd detritus.  Laying new hardware cloth and respreading the rocks.  In other words I have been giving my rocks a much needed bath!

It looks really good now that the weeds are no longer infesting the pathway.  It was difficult keep up with the weeds as they grew through the soil that was created from about 10 years of debris and leaves falling through the rocks.  And the city didn't help when they came into the yard about 2 or 3 years ago and dug up my pathway to replace a sewer line connection.  They made a valiant attempt at replacing things like they were but many of my rocks got buried in the hole.

We have been adding anywhere from 4 to 10 bags of rocks daily since the beginning of the project.  And now we are finished cleaning up all our existing rocks.  There is a hole for about 15 more bags of rock.  So we get new rock tomorrow.

I will take some pictures of the pathway, my rock loon and rock turtle in the rock pond and my cement bench in the morning to show you what a great job I have done!  And I think I am getting muscles!

But now you can enjoy my sweet Bonnie Doon drinking out of the bird bath.  That was one of her favorite pastimes.  I could never keep that bird bath filled, she drank it down every time she went out!

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