Friday, April 9, 2010

This is why I wasn't quilting today!

Spring time planting.  Frank took today off so I "forced" him to head to Lowes' to pick up 6 bags of rocks to fill in apaces in my  rock walk.  Did I tell you I was digging out all the rock and cleaning them in the wheelbarrow and relaying the hardware cloth??? Well, I am in fact, doing so.

But I saw the most beautiful red begonias at the Garden Center!  And I grow the red ones well.  I got a flat of them for the back pots. 

The Upside Down Tomatoes that failed so miserably last year appear to be doing beaufully this year.  I even have tomatos on one of them. 

The pansies are still going strong.  That means our spring is very cool because pansies love the cooler temps.  This morning it was in the mid-40's.  Just perfect biking weather.

The purple Wandering Jew has survived the snow covering is slept under for a few days. 

And the strawberry plants actually have two strawberries.  Way better than that blueberry fiasco last year.   And Chloe the Smelly Basset helped by picking up and relocating her pine cones.

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  1. Just curious - why the upside down tomatoes? And how did you do it (Big T wants to know?)

    I love Chloe - she's my kind of dog.


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