Thursday, April 8, 2010

Quilting has taught me nothing!

If I had truly learned anything in my years of quilting then this would not have happened.

Sassi Strippers Guild is doing a Judy Hopkins Mystery Quilt.  It is simple enough with just two colors.  One of our newer quilters found the pattern and is presenting it to the group each month.  A great task for sure, but one that is welcome in a group that has done little in the past.

So we have to sew half square trianges to a square.  It is supposed to look like this:
But about 1/2 of the 48 I need look like this:

Subtle change, big difference!

So you know what I will be doing.

glen:  sigh.............

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  1. Well - this should keep you out of trouble for awhile. I thought I was the only quilter who still did things like this. LOL


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