Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bike Riding Tomorrow and Flannel Quilts Today

We are going bike riding again tomorrow.  I hope to have some new pictures and maybe another picture of Amber.  What a coup that would be!

Meanwhile, I have been working on the Memory Quilt with Valerie.  This is made with the t-shirts and flannel pajamas she took when she went home to her dad's funeral.  It will be the second quilt for Valerie.  And it is also the second flannel quilt for Valerie, imagine that here in South Louisiana!

She proudly showed the center of the quilt at the guild meeting on Thursday.  We worked on the piano key border tonight while Frank and the dogs watched the LSU game.  Valerie's mom will ultimately end up with the quilt so she can have her husband's favorite t-shirts and flannel pjs to cuddle with.  What a great thing to have.  I am so glad to be helping with this project.



  1. This will be a very special quilt that I know will be treasured. It's very cozy.

  2. A quilt full of love - a very special project. You are a beautiful person and I'm so very glad to call you 'friend'.

    Hugs to you and Valerie - Marie


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