Sunday, September 19, 2010

Toys get a bath and design wall monday --21-10

I am actually writing this on Sunday night because my Monday is spoken for a couple of times over.  I have the carpenter coming to replace the back door that has been scratched by dogs and cats for 26 years now.  Whitney, my sweet fluffy black and khaki cat who sat on my shoulder would climb the outside of the door and hang on until someone removed her from her eye level perch.  Bonnie Doon, the Queen of All Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs would hit the door with her huge paw over and over and over again until we humble human servants jumped up and opened the door for Her (not so) Patient Highness.

But now both of my beloved girls are gone and the door will be replaced. 

Then Valerie and I need to make some Tumeric Capsules.  Tumeric is the great cancer fighter and anti-inflammatory.  I buy in bulk and we capsule it, take it ourselves and give it to the dogs.  I read an article sent out by the Alzheimer's Association last week saying that their studies are showing that turmeric also breaks up amaloid plaque that they believe causes Alzheimers Disease.  The article stated that if you have Alzheimers and take it, it breaks up the plaque and helps cognition.  So I guess I have to feed this to my mother now and see if it makes a difference.  It will help her arthritis as well.

I spent the last hour or so watching the dog toys wash in the new washer's bulky cycle.  See how dirty the water is, yuck!  Dog spit is really bad when you have a basset hound who eats poop.  The toys begin to smell like the opposite end from the mouth and poor Dutch refuses to play with them until I wash them again.  Soon they will be nice and clean.  They are currently tumbling in the new dryer on a low heat sensor mode.

And the design wall is actually a Design Valerie!  I am helping her with a Memory Quilt for her mom made from her father's t-shirts and flannel pajamas.  He went on to his great trooper car in the sky in February and Valerie brought home a huge box of flannel and t-shirts.  We are working on the borders, which will be a piano key border but I need to have a stop border in there.  So after the door is installed tomorrow, if it is not too late, we can head out to the fabric shop to see what flannels will fit in the space between the center and the final border.

This is Valerie's second quilt ever.  And I am trying to let her do all of the functions so she can make the hundreds that will follow when all her family and friends see how fabulous this one is!

glen:  have a great day, and thanks for stopping by  -- check out Judy's blog to see more Monday Walls.


  1. You know, I was thinking. If you post your Monday design wall early Tuesday morning, you will always be the first for the Monday showing. Then you have the rest of the week to just sit back on your laurels (wherever that is) and do nothing.

    I'm worried about you though - you're back staring at the washer again. I thought we had that resolved.

    Hugs - Marie

  2. mmmm Thanks for the hint about the Turmeric.


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