Sunday, October 10, 2010

TV Interviews on a bike ride

So that was exciting.  I am now being sought out for interviews by the local media.  Well, sort of.  On our bike ride down the levee and through LSU we decided not to wait the 20 minutes to get a table at Louie's.  So after much debate, a consult on the I Phone and discussion with a quartet of LSU students tormenting a fifth student we decided to head to VooDoo BBQ on Nicholson Drive.  And that chain of events led to the interview by Keitha Nelson of Channel 9.  She was hunting die hard LSU fans (chortle, choke which is NOT me!) and asking about the game last night and last weekend.  DSC01621
She grew interested in the bikes and we will probably dominate the feature as they took video of us getting on  the bikes, riding up and down the street, the purple bikes Amber and I have and a rousing shout of "We're Number Once!)
The ride debuted three new bikes.  Frank, Amber and I all have new wheels!  Dan negotiated with the bike guy at Capitol Cyclery and we got great deals with a lot of extra gear.  Today our ride took us 13 miles from the State Capitol to the  LSU Stadium to  Voodoo BBQ and back through the concert at the Shaw Center downtown. 
DSC01608No falls, no bumps and no bruises.  Here is our trip in pictures:Amber on her new bikc
You know it is Louisiana when you see beads in the trees!
Here is Amber on her new bike.
Planetarium downtownDSC01609 DSC01610          
Dancing Waters at the CentroplexDSC01611 DSC01612
.  Can you see the planets???DSC01613 DSC01614
Then on to the Mississippi River Levee and a great view of the bridge and some of the LSU cows.
DSC01615 DSC01616
  This is us trying to decide where to eat.  Voodoo BBQ wins. DSC01617 DSC01618 DSC01619
This is Frank trying to look like he is just having a causal discussion while the TV cameras roll!DSC01620  DSC01622 LSU Bike Impound.DSC01623 DSC01624 DSC01625  LSU Stadium where it all happens 

DSC01626Dan leaning on a post on the levee looking toward downtown.  See the state capitol bldg in the distance on the left?

And here is the Cajun Music Fest we rode through in Downtown.


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