Saturday, March 19, 2011

Inspiration Roses! Part 3

If you haven't seen the previous two parts you should check those out.  If you are one of those people who wants to see the finished product, then wait a day or so.  If you are along for the ride, sit back and enjoy!

I left off yesterday wondering what to do with the sides.  I was bemoaning the fact that the quilt was nearly equal long as it was wide.  And I do so prefer the not square quilts.  Although I had decided that if it wanted to be square, I would live with that.  And it wanted to be square.  It so wanted to be square.

And I was not happy with the free pieced roses I had made so I stopped at two.  As I thought more about the roses themselves, I decided to check out EQ 6 and see if it had some roses to offer.  And they did.  Mostly applique roses, and I don't really like applique.  Gee, this is sounding like I don't like this and don't like that, huh?


I did find a paperpieced rose that I could manipulate to fit the bottom row.  I DO like paperpiecing and it went along well. 


Roses, they look pretty good, don't they!  

At least they look good on the cutting mat.  There is a good lesson in this here rose.  Contrast.  I was really concerned about contrast with the letters because I read in Tonya's book (Word Play, by the way) that you have to pay attention to contrast if you want to see your wonderful words.  And I listened, but did not generalize.  ( I tell my dog clients all the time.......Dogs do not generalize, you have to teach sit in every room in your house!)  But did I listen to myself......No.

Can you see the roses once they are in the bottom banner row?  The answer is no.  But that is fine, I know they are there, and hopefully some creative quilting will make them stand out, we KNOW I am not going to applique anything on there to help them!

This quilt really wanted to be square.  Everything I did, kept making it square.  So I tested a few things out on the design wall to see if I could make it "not square" and have it still retain its charm. 

Here is an addition on the top:

Here is an addition on the bottom: 

And here is a test with a leftover square all on the bottom.

It looks kinda good so I will go with the bottom row.  I really want that center medallion, as it were, to be on the top corner still.  I thought that it should have the divisions with pink, as I had some of the pink polka dots left, enough to make it look like the purple on the side there. I need to fix that left bottom corner, hmmmm, for some reason I dipped when I sewed it together.  I wonder how that happened.  Here is what it ended up looking like tonight.  It measures 51 x 67 so it is not square and I can sleep tonight.

Isn't that funny, it doesn't have to be king sized either!  LOL.

glen:  I am liking this Not Square Roses Quilt.  and here is a rose close if you you can't find them in the quilt.  Just make it larger and you can see them in their low contrast paperpieced glory!


  1. Morning Glen - This is looking much better. I like the new roses better than the old ones. The off-set 'center medallion' reminds me of you - the center but just a little off. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hugs - Marie

  2. You are even making pink look good. I like the paperpieced roses and I agree quilting will make them stand out more.

  3. I like those paper-pieced roses. And with your bottom row, the quilt is no longer square. Good thinking. I'm not crazy about square quilts either because they just don't fit a bed.

  4. I enjoyed reading about the development and stages of this quilt. It helps us all learn to watch how a quilter makes decisions as they go along. Great the letters you sewed!

  5. roses and quilts were made for one another ;-) cheers

  6. Great post, thanks for sharing.
    And a lovely individual looking quilt!


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