Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Africa, Science and Kangaroos?

blackbuck close halfMy cousin’s son won the Regional Science Fair in Cellular Biology with his project last week.  He is competing today in the State Science Fair.  Amazing. His project was to see what saline solutions do to cells.  He is so smart at 12 years old, I will never know what he will know.  But that is the way it should be I guess.  I am glad to know he is the “next generation”.  Sometimes it can seem like we are heading in the wrong direction until you meet up with one of these kids.

I will head out to LSU this afternoon to see if he won the state.  The other ranking competitors did the same DNA project.  (Did I know DNA existed when I was in 6th grade???)

I have some pictures of giraffes, zebra, eland, fallow deer, blackbuck and Father David Deer.  And a  zebra stripes greatDSC03216 eland eland fight father david in water fr david deer close head giraffe herd zebra body zebra face close

from train rhea 1  



couple obeefalo closef camel and beefalos as well.  We went to the Global Wildlife Center and rode the wagon train through the African Plains.  How the Kangaroos got to Africa I am not sure, but they are there too.kangasbactrain camel

I am busy today working on the quilting for the Roses.  I sandwiched it yesterday in amongst the cleaning and dusting to clear a path for Cousin Karen and Matt to get to the guest bedroom.  They were delighted with DiNozzo the Over-Effusive, overwhelmed by Chloe the Smelly Basset and menaced by Dutch the Protector of the Estate.  When Karen and Matt headed out this morning, Matt got in the car, hopped back out and said, Tell DiNozzo I said BYE!

I think he likes him!

glen: and the feeling was certainly mutual!


  1. Kangaroos in Africa? Hmm a bit of a puzzle! Nevermind - at least DiNozzo won another fan - there's a shock!

  2. Aren't kids wonderful? They are so refreshing and delightful. I wish more adults could be like kids. The world would be a much happier place.

    Hugs - Marie


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