Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Dogs of Quilts and Dogs

DiNozzo has been on a wild tear this morning.  When Frank left early and I fed the dogs their breakfast meals he knew something was different and he reacted.  He bothered Dutch so much that my mild mannered, totally tolerant Dutch laid him down.  He bothered the moody Queen Chloe the Smelly so she attacked him fairly quickly. 

In retaliation, DiNozzo emptied the trash can in the bathroom.  Then he found an ink pen on the kitchen counter and luckily ate it in his bed and not the carpet.  Then he began to chew on whatever was handy including the baby gate that separates him from one side or another of the house.  That way he can only eat half the house at a time.

This is what gets him into most of his troubles.  His nose.  (See the dog hair on my carpets?)

Since I was losing patience with him, I leashed him up for a walk rather than killing him.  We walked a mile and a half past the school, met 3 people I have not seen in a while, and headed home.   

He really is turning into a beautiful boy.  Hopefully he will live long enough to be a well behaved boy. 

Dutch was always a quiet and introverted dog.  He was my show dog, and as pick male from his litter he brought home a ribbon from every show.  He retired after winning his championship points because he really did not like being in the ring.  As Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs go he is pretty laid back and quiet. 

Chloe the Smelly Basset Queen is anything but laid back.  She decides which way we walk each night and how far she walks.  When she reaches her limit, she throws herself to the ground and that is that.  We go no further until she decides she is ready.

She tolerates the new guy, just like she tolerates Hugeaux the Grand-Dog.  This is a rare photo that will go into the Smithsonian one day of Chloe the Smelly Basset sharing her bed with Hugeaux.

I am off to bring my mother her clean clothes and to find a new iron.  I thought it was the power strip, but sadly, it was my iron.  It lasted for 5 or 6 years of really hard work.  What I liked about it was that it has no automatic off switch so it stayed hot for me for hours and hours each day.  Can't say that about anything else around here.

glen:  I may get some sewing in today


  1. What a great little clan you have there. I love reading your DiNozzo stories, and for some reason it just reminded me that I locked the cat in the office and forgot about him.

  2. Great Grand puppy is outside lonesome for company. Leeapaul and Lorenzo are there but we have been gone. An unscheduled hospital stay - nothing to worry about. Remember they do get better with age or is that

  3. Your dogs sound wonderful. I don't know dogs well. What kind of dog is DiNozzo?


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