Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What....No way!

My cat lady friend called me about 3 weeks ago and told me she had shingles.  It caught her by surprise, however when thinking about it, she knew she has been dealing with a heavy lot of stress lately.  And stress is one sure thing that brings out the shingles virus. 

Then about 3 days later, she called and told me a mutual friend also had been diagnosed with shingles.  And since they do not socialize with each other there had been no contact for several years.  An odd coincidence.

So I have been calling my cat friend every day, checking on her, being a contact with the outside world for her and generally trying to keep her spirits up while she endured the itching and pain of her shingles. 

I went to my surgeon today for my 6 months check and he said this was the most perfect job he has done ever.  He wanted to use my before and after photos to show prospective patients how wonderful they too can look.  He took numerous pictures, and I mentioned never having been in a porno shoot before!  So I guess if you see a perfect pair when considering your own surgery, they are mine!

Right before I left I asked him to look at a spot on my back, and he casually said, what do you think it is?  I said, shingles.  He agreed!

So I went to see my family guy this afternoon who also agreed.  Both assured me it is not contagious and I could not have gotten it from either friend.  But I want you to know that the three of us, even though we have not been "rubbing elbows" in the last several months, ALL have shingles. ( I wonder why they call it shingles?)

I have my anti-viral meds, I talked to my cat friend about what worked for her in the way of itch and pain reduction, and am armed with lots of my wonderful homemade baklava!

So with a few pain pills in my coffee, the baklava and I should be just fine!  And I have it all planned out, I am going to tell Frank that the doctor said I can't cook, clean anything or run errands.  I can't be under any stress, I should be in my sewing room all I want, and that I should not have to walk to get anything or let a dog in or out.  I think I can milk that for a week or so. 



  1. Sorry ! I've never had shingles but DH and my Father have. They were in awful pain but that just may be a man thing (can't take pain!). I think you have a good plan to just relax and sew!

  2. Glen - I have had shingles 5 or 6 times (used to get it when my first graders had the annual breakout of chicken pox). The last time it settled in my face and on my head. I truly looked like a gargoyle for three weeks and the headache was so intense the pain pills they gave me kept me knocked out.

    The specialist told me 'I am super susceptible because as a child I only had a very light case of chicken pox and evidently the 'chicken pox virus' is still live in my body and reoccurs as shingles. Who really knows.

    There used to be something (across the counter) at the pharmacy called 'blue water'. It was a solutution you mixed and bathed the area with it. It worked better than anything.

    Hugs (many) - Marie

  3. That's awful! Just at a time when you should be feeling great. My sil had shingles on her face like Marie, and it affected some nerves around her eye. She looked like she had had a stroke as half her face became paralyzed. She's better now but it's slow. All this talk about shingles makes me want to try that vaccination for it. I hope you are better soon. If the anti-viral meds don't work fast enough, baklava should help with the misery.


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