Monday, May 30, 2011

Design Wall Monday 5-30-11

Here it is Monday, but it doesn't feel like a Monday.  That is why I totally forgot to post my Design Wall shot this morning.  So here it is LATE!

It is actually a friend's design bed.  It will be her second quilt from beginning to end.  It is a charity quilt that will hang in our annual Quilt Show in August and be donated, probably to the Giving Quilt people.  The pattern is a mystery quilt that was designed to be used only for charity.  The entire guild has sew days and there are about 5 of these in production at this moment.

the only thing I have sewn this week I can't show you.  They are the Quiltmaker's Volume 4 100 Blocks test blocks.



  1. Hmmmm - love what's on the design 'bed'. New concept, I never thought of it in quite that way before -

    Hugs - Marie

  2. I don't have a design wall. I don't even have a sewing room, just a tote will most of my supplies and machine in it. The biggest flat place I had to lay out the quilt was the guest room bed.


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