Saturday, May 28, 2011

One of my favorite photos of Frank

These are two (actually) of my favorite photos of Frank.  To show you how much he really wants to be a good husband, he is standing on the rocks overlooking Lake Tahoe on our vacation last year.  I had asked him to put the Swissy out there so i could take a picture of The Swissy on the rocks with the lake in the background.  Here he is wondering where would be the best place for the picture.

The other picture is of him risking his life to place The Swissy for a millisecond picture.  But you have to love that he helps me get that picture!

Here is the Swissy picture that resulted.  Then, of course, he had to go back out there and get him so we could move on to the next picture place.  I really should make a landscape quilt of one of the photos I have of Frank, risking his life to help me get a really great picture!


  1. You have to love them! We both have great husbands. I love the third picture.

  2. He is truly wonderful - aren't we lucky!!!! My daughter and s-i-l in CA have a little doxie (like Swissy) that they take pictures of everywhere they go. His name is 'lil, lil Sam'

    Hugs - Marie


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