Thursday, September 29, 2011

Two Busy Days

The last two days have been busy with classes.  I taught a pillow case class today and prepped them for paper piecing next week.  Here are some pictures from that group.

Silly girls!

making pillowcases

Christmas pillowcases

Showing quilts to the group

Then yesterday the other group got together and I completed 9 more Twisted Sister Halloween blocks. 

No one else did a thing!  LOL.  But we did talk a lot!  Judy T. showed up and we talked some more!  Then Norma's glasses disappeared and we spent the rest of the afternoon tearing the room apart looking for the elusive glasses.  Turns out, when Judy left she just picked up the glasses laying on the table and left thinking they were hers!  LOL.

Norma loaded a quilt on her long arm and I watched hoping to pick up some pointers.  I learned a lot!  Thanks, Norma.  So I guess we did get some stuff done!


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